Visit us through SCI

There is now a new route to our blog through SCI (the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative).

SCI has been rated one of the top two charities for achieving impact with donations by nonprofit organisation GiveWell and Giving What We Can. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation awarded SCI $1.5 million to improve control of schistosomiasis last year. They are a fantastic, cost-effective charity that’s worth taking a look at.

We have interviews with Professor Alan Fenwick, Director of SCI, and Professor David Molyneux, adviser to WHO, who have both been working on NTDs for over 25 years coming up in the next few weeks. A brilliant insight into how the world of NTDs has evolved.

Next week we’ll be live-blogging and tweeting from the Royal College of Physicians for the WHO event: Uniting to combat neglected tropical diseases which will feature Bill GatesDirector-General of WHO Dr. Margaret ChanManaging Director of the World Bank Dr. Caroline Anstey, and CEOs of nine leading pharmaceutical companies to name a few!

Stay tuned.

Schistosomiasis Initiative homepage

Schistosomiasis Initiative homepage

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