This Week in NTDs

An outbreak of Chikungunya in Delhi is accompanying an outbreak of dengue fever. Chikungunya is closely related to dengue and is carried by the same mosquito, but is far less common at the moment.

The Schistosomiasis Control Initiative came second in Give Well’s annual charity ratings. The SCI is also top of the list for Giving What We Can, a campaign founded by Oxford philosophy lecturer Toby Ord to persuade people to give a percentage of their earnings to charity.

Bangladesh has scrapped an Act which forced leprosy sufferers to live in institutions. Officials hope that social stigma attached to this treatable disease will be reduced, and people will be more willing to come forward for treatment.

And finally, it might be possible to treat Buruli ulcer with oral antibiotics, according to this paper in PLoS NTDs. At the moment, most Buruli cases are treated by surgical excision, requiring long periods in hospital.


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